A New Place For Yify Fans

The sudden disappearance of the Yify release group’s site left fans with little explanation. Determined to follow in the tradition of this group YTS has slowly begun to rebuild the original brand. Concerned with maintaining the style of the original site this new group has done research on the previous brand. In an attempt to avoid the same fate as Yify this new group has vowed to create a different avenue based on their knowledge of former errors. Although there is very little information to build from they guarantee the new site is safe and reputable. Gaining the trust of existing and future fans is a top priority for this new group.

Revamping this site while maintaining the style of Yify is an important aspect. Gathering information regarding the shut down of the previous website is an essential aspect in rebuilding the new site. Having the knowledge of the previous site’s downfall can help to enhance this site and prevent the same issues from occurring. Gathering Yify Torrent has been a daunting task that has yielded positive results. Recovering and sanitizing data collected from various places provides fans with many options.

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Salvage efforts were made to collect as much lost data as possible. Classic torrents available on the original site could not be recovered. Maintaining the quality of these recovered items were imperative for the new group. The sound and video elements for new and future releases have been enhanced to a higher quality. Making a multitude of improvements to this new site guarantees fans a secure site to enjoy.

This new site offers security and fan satisfaction by improving from the original site. Available files are free from any harmful computer viruses and advertisements. Using the original, for association purposes, helps fans to identify with the quality items they once enjoyed. Allowing fans to register without providing personal information helps to gain trust and loyalty. Customer satisfaction and enjoyment are key aspects in re-opening this entertainment site. Offering honest information and easy registration allows fans to feel comfortable in visiting this online community. Remaining true to the original site while enhancing the experience offers individuals the opportunity to join a community of great people.


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